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Looking to accelerate the identity, strength and uniqueness of your brand?


Brand strategy

We articulate your corporate vision, purpose, promise and personality - the essential ingredients of a strong brand.

Renewal and positioning

We work with you to redefine your brand vision. We create value and meaning to the unique [positioning]/services/positioning in your market to achieve maximum awareness.


We bring your brand to life through logo design, visual identity and language type that supports your brand's unique strategy and values.

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  • Analysis and strategy definition
  • Coaching and strategic vision
  • Art direction
  • Video production
  • Advertising
  • Graphic design
  • Interior Design & Architecture
  • Graphic Standards Guide
  • Graphic Design
  • Motion Design

The identity of your brand is in a way its DNA or its positioning. It will be your imprint and the mental representation that you wish to impose on consumers, unlike the brand image which corresponds to the image perceived by these same consumers. The brand image is composed of tangible elements such as visual identity like colors and logo and intangible elements like values. The brand identity is persistent and it is imposed today as the image of a personality. It will have a name, a logo, features, graphic forms to distinguish it from other brands, a slogan to authenticate it, colors for easy recognition, and sometimes even sounds and a particular musical tone.

Branding covers all the issues of brand and product management: advertising and storytelling, life cycle and usage, co-branding, resonance that will be measured by customer loyalty, auditing, etc.


Said of something is the fact that it attracts attention; more precisely, the extent to which it attracts attention compared to other things in its environment (including similar things).


In a very tangible way, it is the ability of a person to recognize a spokesperson, a public actor, a voice, an advertising jingle, colors and logo.

Recognizability refers to the amygdala, an integral part of the limbic system and is involved in evaluating the emotional valence of sensory stimuli, is essential to our ability to feel and perceive in others certain emotions. This is the case of fear and all the bodily changes it causes.

We recognize, for example, the silver fern, as a symbol carried by the All Blacks.

The silver fern is immediately linked to the ritual of the haka which is highly identifiable. The manifestation of the haka is also recognizable by the series of danced gestures, voice and warlike chant. The image of the fern is so recognizable and in different context today that it will quickly carry is success of the national team to the national issue of the graphic representation that is the flag of the country.

The recall

We recall a brand on television or radio to support a first wave of advertising or to revive and maintain the effects of a branding strategy on a mass marketing campaign.

Marketing recall is often exercised in the so-called sensory spheres where our sight and hearing, the senses we associate with most acuity, are put to use. A graphic signature reinforced by a musical signature is often the best communication tactic to reinforce an organization's brand image and story.

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