Design Thinking

Quickly unleash the collaborative potential of your teams with Design Thinking


Design Thinking

Applied Design Thinking unleashes your creative potential and transports you with innovative techniques into a complete co-creation experience! It is a process that frames innovation by fostering collaboration to truly build and focus on the needs of your users.

A method that pays off

Born at Stanford University, symbol and source of inspiration par excellence, Design Thinking has taken off and today it is a method that has proven itself.

The value of Design Thinking is hard to pin down. Design is difficult to isolate as a function and the design function works differently in different industries. Benchmarking standardized measures is even more difficult. However, in a macroscopic analysis, the data is clear.

The Design Management Institute analyzed the performance of U.S. companies strictly on their commitment to leveraging Design Thinking as an integral part of their business strategy. Finalized in 2013, the DMI was able to relate the value of publicly traded companies (S&P global) that met these specific criteria while monitoring the impact of their design investments on stock value over a ten-year period.

Sprint Workshops

Thinking in "no time to fool around" mode. It's a quick course that allows you to get a quick view of a key object and product. The workshops are as effective in telecommuting as in person. The proposed creative and strategic workshops give wings to your ideas and maximize the axes of intervention towards the achievement of your objectives. In the midst of chaos, risk and uncertainty, everything pushes us to classify, order, build a practical reasoning in order to invest our time and resources.

Design Sprint

Brand Sprint

Sprint: The creative resolution

Creative ambition

It is this complex and sensitive facet of our approach that allows us to accurately capture the internal references with precision on the meanings and emotions behind the information, the context and the perspectives of each. By creating a realistic picture of your issues, we project ourselves into the perceived object, elevate the discourse, and take a step back in order to develop tactics that respond directly to your business realities.

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