Entrepreunarial Investment


We boldly invest in Quebec's technological expertise at the seed capital level, basing our approach on trust in the future and a determination to support the growth of technology and innovation companies. Backed by a young and ambitious team of design specialists, Accélérer has successfully consolidated a position as a bridge between local and international investors, aspiring to become a preferred partner in the innovative ecosystem. We take calculated risks to catalyze the advancement of innovation in our environment.

Accélérer propels the management of startup KALU

As our first ever capital investment, Accélérer choosed KALU, a innovative and sustainablle petfood comagny.

Accélérer - Entrepreneurship in its Purest Form

Our mission as investors is to translate your feelings and human essence, fully understanding your personality, behaviors, and carefully observing the landscape to give birth to concrete projects such as products, services, visuals, a brand, an environment, and much more.

We have carefully chosen an adapted methodology, utilizing a sensitive, convincing, and ecosystem-suited communication. Trust and authenticity are fundamental and essential values in our collaboration with you. We focus on your objectives, giving meaning to your content, your brand image, and above all, relying on the real data from your company. By communicating deeply about our shared values, we can inspire, invest, lead, co-create, innovate, and contribute to shaping the future of Quebec's startups.

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