Confidence to dive

I confidently approach my environment and the companies I work with in all its potentiality with the conviction that daring the improbable, to put a foot in the void is the most beautiful value to share. I dream of the day when we can have the courage to take risks, to open up to our own vulnerability, to brave, to fail and thus to go beyond our limits and dare a better world.

It is by communicating our deepest values that we will be able to inspire, sell, lead, co-create, innovate and create the world of tomorrow. Otherwise, most of my time is spent passionately projecting ideas, mixing analysis, business strategies, innovation management, questioning, information, branding, Big data and a little marketing.

Accélérer is entirely owned and operated by Pierre-Alexandre Guernon, who holds a degree in Communications from Laval University and in Creativity and Innovation from HEC MONTREAL. Over the past ten years, Mr. Guernon has worked as a Marketing Director, Account Manager, and Marketing Consultant and is now a partner at KALU.

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